How to stand out as a Graphic Designer

In this blog I’m going to be teaching you my 5 ways to stand out as a freelance graphic designer, so you can utilise these within your business.

1. Your personal brand

The main thing that matters is how you brand yourself! Having a clear brand identity that shows who you are as a designer is crucial as this is going to attract your potential clients. Having a strong identity puts trust into potential clients and showcases the value you can provide for their brand. If your personal brand is just the same old logo as any other designer, there’s no way you’re going to stand out. You need to make it unique to you and have a brand people will remember. Try and steer away from what other people are doing and try and create something that is completely different to your competitors, this way there is no chance of people forgetting you and your brand.

2. Time to get personal

Showing your personality and the person behind the brand is such a key component that I think a lot of people miss. A lot of people hide behind their brand because it’s so easy, but to really stand out people need to get to know you personally. I’ve found when people get to know you they subconsciously start to trust you. If you’re really serious about growing your business it’s time to get out your comfort zone and show the world who you are. Start talking on your Instagram stories, making reels, giving advice and actually showing your face. People love to see it, trust me.

3. Find a style and stick with it

Try and find something within your brand that people will remember you by. When you first start your business it’s great to try out different styles for your brand, but you really need to find a certain style and stick with it. This way people will start remembering you and your brand by certain things you do, wether this is using specific colour palettes, a certain layout, your tone of voice, posting at certain times, the list goes on! Try and experiment with this and see what works and what doesn’t.

4. Start your own trend

Instead of trying to follow trends (which can be oversaturated) try and be unique and start your own trend. You never know what may happen and how many people ‘try out’ your trend. Things like this can really help get your name out there and is such a great way to stand out against others. It’s time to start thinking of new ideas that people aren’t doing, and be someone who creates their own path, not follows someone else’s. What i’m really trying to say is don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and if it doesn’t work move on and try something else!

5. Your Portfolio

When it comes to your portfolio the best thing you can do is not show all of your work because this can be overwhelming to some people. So prioritise your work and just showcase the best bits.

It’s obvious that to stand out your work needs to be at a good level. There needs to be something different about your work that will be remembered by others. If your designs are the same as any other designer then you’re going to get so lost in this industry. Right now, think about your design style... what makes you different from others? If you’re not sure then it’s time to get thinking of ways to change this.

If you don’t have a big portfolio then it’s time to create passion projects (made up businesses that you create the branding for) this way you can start creating designs you want to make because you’ll have total creative freedom with the project.

Hope these tips are helpful if you're struggling as a freelance designer!