Let's talk about Canva

Many designers absolutely hate the thought for canva, and this is because there are people out there that use canva to design logos and brand identities which really shouldn't be done. BUT canva is a great tool for others to use once they have their branding completed by their graphic designer. It's great for making social posts and keeping your brand consistent if you want to make things yourself.

If you want to try canvapro out here's a 40 day free trial to test the waters and see if you like it:

Canva Free Trial

So let's talk about the disadvantages of using canva if you're designing logos and branding on it:

  • Firstly canva has full ownership of that design and you cannot use it for your business. Meaning you shouldn;t be designing for any clients using canva. If you really want to get into design then my recommendations are investing in the right software. Therefore purchasing the creative cloud suite which gives you access to adobe illustrator, photoshop, indesign... the whole works you need as a designer.

  • Secondly, your branding will not be unique because you're using something already made on canva. Investing in your branding with a graphic designer means your branding will be tailored specifically to you and no one else will have that branding. You just can't guarantee that someone else will be using something similar to you if they use canva as well.

  • You will not have the correct files of your logo. You will need the following files: AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG & PNG. Canva does not allow you to have 'vector' files which are a necessity for your business. Therefore if you ever need your logo blown up big for signage or clothing, then your canva logo will not cut it and will probably be refused from vendors.

Now let's talk about the advantage of canva if you're a business owner:

  • Canva is a great way to keep your branding consistent once you've had your branding and logo completed by a designer

  • CanvaPro allows you to import your TTF font files, meaning you can use the exact fonts within your brand

  • If your graphic designer has made you 'templates' for social media, it's such an easy way to add what you need without overcomplicating things

I always recommend for my clients to use some sort of design software, whether that's photoshop, adobe illustrator or canva, depending on their abilities. Or if they have the budget, to continue working with me to keep everything super consistent.