A strategy for using Hashtags on Instagram

Are you really struggling to reach more than 50 users with your hashtag strategy on instagram at the moment? These tips have helped my business out so much, so hopefully you can utilise these within your hashtag strategy:

  1. Use really specific hashtags for every single post. There's not point in putting generic #'s that don't have any meaning to your post. For example if you upload a hot chocolate image and use #fashion this has no relevance to it and therefore isn't going to the audience you need it too. Therefore your hashtags need to be individual to each and every post you do.

  2. Do not use the same hashtags for each post. Switch them up every god damn time. Instagram will see it as a spam if you're copying the same hashtags each time and therefore you will get no reach whatsoever.

  3. Use all of the 30 hashtags instagram allows you to use. Theres a lot of myths around using all 30, but for me i saw massive improvements with my reach when utilising all 30, so go big or go home!

  4. Time to start splitting your hashtags up into groups. Start using this method: Use 10 # between 1k - 100k posts. 10 # between 100k - 500k posts. 5 # between 500k - 1 million. 5 hashtags that are near your location and related to your post.

  5. Try to avoid using hashtags that are used by everyone and stick to anything from 1 million or less posts used by others.

I hope these hashtag tips can help with your growth!